Recent Recognition

Flounce Dress/Tunic

Studio News:
Robin received another award~

"Lace Flounce Jacket" of silk, merino & bamboo, received the 2015 Niche Award for Fiber Wearable for technical excellence, both in surface design and form; market viability; and innovation, defined as a distinct quality of unique, original and creative thought in fine crafts.

”Lace Flounce Dress/Tunic” was awarded the Hixon Interiors Award for a Knitted Garment sponsored by Sarah Bashore-Imhoff of Hixon Interiors.

The garment was selected by the judges for excellence in craftsmanship, artistic expression and innovation in design and construction as part of the 16th bi-annual ArtWear Fashion Week September 2013 at The Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, CO

The piece will be part of the exhibit  "Fiber in the Present Tense".